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Once upon a time Dandr0id and I sat down to talk about video games and seven hours went by. How our women didn’t kill us, I have no idea, but out of that discussion came the idea to create a podcast to discuss gaming news each week. We thought to ourselves that there are a million game blogs and websites out there, all of which eager to give you their opinions on all matter of gaming topics, so how would we be different? We were just random guys who liked games, so it was up to us to provide context for our opinions. Our mandate was to take time out of every show to let our listeners know about our gaming past, our likes and dislikes, what games mattered most from our formative years; essentially, who we are as gamers. We promised to prove to you why you should give a shit about our opinions, something that we never want to take for granted. If you’re going to go to the internet for some random asshole’s opinion on games, we want to be those assholes.

We are both avid gamers, playing games on every system going all the way back to PONG. We may not always agree, but if nothing else it’s always entertaining to hear us argue. We will cover current games from the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC,  but we’ll also look back on our favorites over the years, looking at how they contributed to gaming history. We also go indepth, looking at game mechanics, story and themes, evolution of series and genres, where good games went wrong and how bad games could have been better. From AAA games to indie gems. Hell, we’ll even talk about board games from time to time (I loves me some Twilight Imperium.) We want to let you know what our tastes are and the kind of games we like, so that you have context for our opinions. Even if you don’t always agree with us, at least we’ll make it entertaining.

Every Monday we’ll be back with a new episode and new discussion. From both of us, I hope you enjoy our Digital Fiasco.

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Jack McBastard
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Hailing from parts unknown, Jack McBastard is more machine than man, twisted and evil. He doesn't agree with the other four dentists, and always stays crispy in milk.
Favorite games include Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, XCOM.