Episode 08: Call of Duty Limited Warfare and WATCH_DOGS 2 Doesn’t Suck

dfep08-scThis Week on Digital Fiasco: Blizzard doesn’t know what an ARG is, CD Project RED alert, return to the Metro Delayed, Infinite Warfare? Maybe not, Nier may be closer than you think, Red Faction Guerrilla HD Remaster. Also on the Options Menu, we’ll dig into our backlog and dust off some favorite titles, but first Jack hacks into WATCH_DOGS 2, and (spoiler alert) it doesn’t suck! All of that and more on this episode of Digital Fiasco.





Episode 08: Call of Duty Limited Warfare and WATCH_DOGS 2 Doesn’t Suck

  • (2:25)    Dandr0id plays Dishonored
  • (8:40)    PT is terrifying, but must be preserved
  • (16:07)    PS4 Pro Transfer Process
  • (17:56)    Jack McBastard gets a PS4 Pro
  • (22:16)    Jack McBastard plays Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • (29:13)    Jack McBastard plays Steep
  • (39:03)    Jack McBastard plays WATCH_DOGS 2
  • (1:05:29)    New Releases
  • (1:19:53)    Pokemon Go destroys lives
  • (1:23:50)    Overwatch Lead Designer apologizes for Sombra ARG
  • (1:31:39)    CD Projekt RED takeover update
  • (1:33:02)    Metro 2035.5?
  • (1:38:40)    Red Faction Guerrilla HD Remaster
  • (1:42:30)    Nier: Automata coming to Xbox One
  • (1:44:48)    Steep DLC and Microtransactions
  • (1:47:08)    Get a free copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon for UBI30
  • (1:49:46)    Infinite Warfare between Steam and Windows Store
  • (1:58:42)    Options Menu: Tales from the Backlog
  • (2:02:11)    Jack’s Assignment: Binary Domain
  • (2:08:57)    Dandr0id’s Assignment: Saints Row IV

11 HOURS of WATCH_DOGS 2 streaming and discussion.

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