Episode 09: The Art of the Bullshot and Difficulty vs Bad Design

dfep09-scThis Week on Digital Fiasco: Dead Rising goes four player, Square-Enix lies about Final Fantasy delay, Ubisoft game “Pioneer” is lost in space, Remember Wave Race? That’s still a thing , Uncharted gets nominated for everything, Truth in advertising gets a big boost. Also on the options menu, we dig into game difficulty and what pushes you to play a punishing game. But first, we compare notes on our backlog assignments, and find out if the games should have stayed on the pile. All of that and more in this episode of Digital Fiasco.




Episode 09: The Art of the Bullshot and Difficulty vs Bad Design

  • (4:07) Dandr0id: Dishonored takes a back seat
  • (8:51) Dandr0id plays Saints Row IV (Tales from the Backlog)
  • (21:23) Jack finishes Watch_Dogs 2
  • (30:27) Jack finishes Binary Domain (Tales from the Backlog)
  • (47:53) New Releases: Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Amnesia Collection
  • (54:41) Dead Rising 4 passes up campaign co-op in favor of 4-player missions mode
  • (1:01:26) Square Enix lied about Final Fantasy XV delay
  • (1:06:02) Trailer for Ubisoft’s Pioneer hidden in WATCH_DOGS 2
  • (1:11:32) Wave Race is still a thing!
  • (1:15:14) Uncharted 4 is nominated for everything
  • (1:22:16) Truth in game advertising
  • (1:34:45) Game Difficulty: challenge, enjoyment and bad designs

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