Episode 10: Is it Too Late for No Man’s Sky?

dfep10-scThis Week on Digital Fiasco: Gearing up for PSX 2016, Duke Nukem (Who wants some?), Nintendo quashes VGA nominations for fan games, Square-Enix hates sharing. Also we take No Man’s Sky down to the Foundation, talk about the new 1.1 patch and Sean Murray’s long silence, but first, we talk about being buried under our backlogs on Black Friday. All of that and more on this episode of Digital Fiasco.





Episode 10: Is it Too Late for No Man’s Sky?

  • (1:35) Dandr0id plays Saints Row IV (And not Dishonored)
  • (4:50) Superhero games as good as Saints Row IV (Infamous, Prototype, and Arkham Asylum)
  • (10:30) Big Jack’s McBacklog (Part 1)
  • (11:56) Jack plays Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  • (14:05) Jack can’t remember Paul Richards’ name
  • (15:06) Big Jack’s McBacklog (Part 2 – The Backloggening)
  • (16:24) Dandr0id hates Doom III
  • (18:07) The cost of games: perception vs reality
  • (22:36) Big Jack’s McBacklog (Part 3 – PSN’s Revenge)
  • (25:26) Jack plays Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • (28:51) Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has weak sales numbers
  • (30:17) Jack barely touches Dishonored 2
  • (32:50) WATCH_DOGS 2 seamless multiplayer hands-on
  • (35:49) THQNordic teases us with Red Faction then yanks it away
  • (37:08) New Releases: Final Fantasy
  • (40:29) New Releases: Steep
  • (41:58) New Releases: Space Overlords
  • (42:58) New Releases: Destroy All Humans 2
  • (44:36) PSX 2016 (Playable games)
  • (50:25) Unreal rumors about PSN name changes
  • (52:38) Destiny 2 announcement this week?
  • (55:59) Duke Nukem. Who wants some?
  • (1:02:25) Nintendo quashes VGA nominations for fan-made Pokemon games
  • (1:03:50) Trademark law and fan projects
  • (1:06:23) Final Fantasy XV has something to hide
  • (1:10:15) December Games with Gold
  • (1:14:15) 30 days of Ubisoft giveaways for Ubi30
  • (1:19:09) No Man’s Sky Foundation Update (link)
  • (1:37:37) Is it too late for No Man’s Sky?
  • (1:59:12) New show news: Digital Fiasco presents WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THAT?!
  • (2:03:58) Digital Fiasco Special Dec 3rd Live PSX 2016 coverage/reaction


  • Consumers Distributing Catalogs circa 1996. Bless you, Reddit, you random bastards: (LINK)
  • Ubisoft’s 30 days of Giveaways (LINK)
  • No Man’s Sky Foundation Update details (LINK)

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