Episode 17.5: Jack McBastard Plays Star Trek: Ascendancy


Episode 17 ran significantly longer than we’d expected, so we pulled out the board game portion of this week’s episode and present it here as its own track. Listen as Jack McBastard talks about Star Trek: Ascendancy made by Gale Force 9. Ascendancy is a Star Trek themed 4x strategy game which has (surprisingly) measured up favorably to Twilight Imperium, the gold standard for space strategy games.

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Jack McBastard
Editor in Chief and Co-Super President at Digital Fiasco
Hailing from parts unknown, Jack McBastard is more machine than man, twisted and evil. He doesn't agree with the other four dentists, and always stays crispy in milk.
Favorite games include Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, XCOM.