Indie Loop – Retro Pixels and Treacherous Depths

Welcome to Indie Loop. A short bit where I grab a keyboard and let the masses know that you don’t have to play triple A titles every week. Even though some indies are advertised well on various platforms, they rarely get the push they need to become something. So let me introduce you to this tasty trio right here.

First up is an indie powerhouse that is truly mind blowing. I’m of course talking about Narita Boy! This retro pixelart platformer just oozes 80’s charm and has an amazing soundtrack to match. In this game you take on the role of Narita Boy, a legendary digital hero that must go on an epic quest through a digital kingdom. This game will have a classic 2D feel with solid run and jump game play, but will also pack in RPG elements and a time jumping mechanic as well. Narita Boy will also have multiple upgradeable weapons at his disposal as well as a group of mounts and vehicles to traverse the digital plains. Their kickstarter just started a couple days ago and they are already well on their way to achieving their goal. There is no playable demo yet, but here’s to hoping we get more than taste in the near future. You can check out their Kickstarter right here.

Second, we have a game I have been following over the past while called Giga Wrecker. In this 2D action platformer you play as a girl named Reika who has the power to manipulate debris. With this ability, she is able to create fantastic weapons and tools to traverse the world and take on a force of evil robots trying to invade the planet. The gameplay offers a unique twist on the platform genre with physics based puzzles that all revolve around your ability to control debris. Everything from creating bridges, to smashing down gigantic towers, the environmental traversal is fun and interesting and of course there is a vast array of weapons at your disposal to attack the destructive robotic army. Giga Wrecker is available now on Steam.

And finally we have a quirky little early access title called We Need To Go Deeper. This is an interesting Multi player only Rouge Like where players will need to man a Verne-esque submarine to explore the depths where both treasure and danger are find in large amounts. Players will handle different aspects of the submarine such as navigation, firing weapons, repairing leaks, and power shields. The trench that your crew will explore will be different every time thanks to procedurally generated mapping making for almost endless play-throughs of the 6 different biomes in the game. The game is still in early access and has plans to add many more features such as more biomes and enemy types, bigger and badder bosses, and of course shiny new types of submarines to pilot. We Need To Go Deeper is available in early access right now on Steam.


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