Episode 21: Six Weeks of Switch Disappointment

This week on Digital Fiasco: Why is Lindsay Lohan still news, Bethesda crushes my Elder Scrolls dreams, Final Fantasy VII may not be an action game after all, Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling (Part 2). We’ll also talk about Gamestop’s slightly less scummy Circle of Life program, but first we have the ultimate (and hopefully final) Switch disappointment roundup.






Episode 21: Six Weeks of Disappointment

  • (2:18) Dandr0id plays Metro 2033 Redux
  • (26:31) Jack McBastard finishes Yakuza 0
  • (46:22) Discs, Download and DLC
  • (57:21) Switch Disappointments: Week 6
  • (1:06:09) Lindsay Goddamn Lohan
  • (1:07:57) Mass Effect Andromeda Q&A
  • (1:09:55) totallyfuckablealiens.com
  • (1:10:58) Bethesda Game Studios are making 7 games but aren’t making the one you think
  • (1:14:06) Final Fantasy VII might be closer to the original than we think
  • (1:17:16) Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling (part 2)
  • (1:20:53) Gamestop makes its Circle of Life slightly less scummy
  • (1:25:30) The Options Menu: Trial by Fire
  • (1:48:14) Indie Loop: Night in the Woods
  • (1:50:57) Outtro

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