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Indie games have been hitting hard and fast this week. Not only have we had a blast of awesome games on various platforms, but Nintendo has stepped up their game by adding some awesome indies to their brand new Switch. Classic titles like Shovel Knight, Binding of Isaac, and 1001 spikes will also be joined by brand new games like Yooka Laylee, Shakedown Hawaii, and Fast RMX in what Nintendo calls their Nindies. Silly name aside, they will have an absolute powerhouse of indie titles on their system by the end of the year. But let’s check out what you should be checking out this week

Stage Presence

Have you ever been entertaining a massive stadium crowd with some sick riffs on your guitar? Then all of a sudden your bands gear breaks and you’re left with thousands of angry fans calling for your blood? Probably not. Do you want to experience it? Because that’s exactly what you get with Stage Presence. Stage Presence is being touted as the “Anti Guitar Hero” which mixes VR interactivity with the horrific experience of having to entertain an unruly crowd while dodging bottles of piss, road flares, and laser pointers until your gear gets fixed. The game will take you to some of the weirdest band venues ever known like a haunted cathedral and an exploding moon base. As you play through the game, you will be able to unlock more and more equipment to keep the angry mob at bay like mystery pills, smashable guitars, and the ever coveted bass drop. It will also include multiple game modes where you try to survive, be part of the audience or just sing some karaoke. If this sounds like your jam, you can check out Stage Presence for VR now on Steam.


River City Ransom: Underground

If you’re into to classic side scroll beat em’ ups, then you have played River City Ransom. And now thanks to Conatus Creative Inc., fans of the series can finally return to the classic action with River City Ransom: Underground. The game takes place many years after vanquishing Slick on the school rooftop and now Alex and Ryan must take to the streets again to defeat the evil hordes taking over the streets of River City. RCR:U will have online coop and arena death matches for up to 4 players and offer 10 playable heroes in the story campaign, each with their own unique fighting style. Players will explore over 140 levels and have access to multiple upgrades and modifiers to lay the hurt on evil gangs. RCR:U will also offer arena combat where players can play as one of 44 heroes and villains from the entire game. If you’re looking for some old school combat, look no further than River City Ransom: Underground available right now on Steam.

Graveyard Keeper

If you’re tired of sim games about goats, airplanes, and farming machines, then Tiny Build may have the breath of fresh air you’re looking for. Have you ever wanted to run and manage a cemetery? Then say hello to the best and most inaccurate medieval cemetery management game you’ve ever seen! It’s Graveyard Keeper by Tiny Build. In Graveyard Keeper players will get to build and manage their very own graveyard all while trying to manage a tight budget, expand their services, and find new victims… ugh customers. The game will be packed full of fun stuff like ethical dilemmas about spending money on extravagant parties and cheap wooden boxes. Search the graveyard for valuable resources to craft new items to expand your every growing graveyard empire. Cut deals with the locals to get access to goods and services and maybe make a little extra coin on the side. And of course, explore the dark and mysterious dungeons for new items and special ingredients to be king of the graveyard. Graveyard  Keeper will be available this summer on PC and Xbox 1 and you can read more about the game right here.

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