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Being an indie fan can be difficult sometimes. There’s the stigma that we’re game snobs and we don’t appreciate anything except indie titles. I know there are some fans out there that really do stay away from the triple A scene and that’s fine; I say to each their own. But most indie fans are just fans of games in general. We love to play games and see games get made whether they’re indie, mid range, or full triple A. We love indies because even though they rarely have a budget to make a gigantic multi-platform system seller, it allows them the quiet corner to think about new game mechanics, world building, and what truly makes a game enjoyable.They have the option to do as they please because they don’t have a bunch of overpaid guys in suits telling them what they can and can’t make.

They are gamers themselves, who have grown up in an era of gaming evolution so they know what they want and that’s why we get so many genuinely interesting and unique experiences that you would never see a company like Ubisoft or EA risk money on creating. Indie developers often make little to no money on their first endeavors and I think it shows that they really are just doing it for the love of their craft. And speaking of love for indie games, there were honestly so many good titles this week that I already have some picks for next week. But here is just a few of the titles you should be playing/watching out for.

Loot Rascals

Grab your space boots and get ready to rescue Big Barry in the most surreal space adventure you’ve ever seen. This colorful masterpiece is known as Loot Rascals. You will need to explore a strange and colorful space theme park to find their robot friend Big Barry so they can escape the encroaching alien doom. Players will fight strange alien creatures to win loot cards that can be used as buffs, weapons, healing items, and even currency. You will also have to watch your stash as the aliens can loot you right back. Loot Rascals is available right now on Steam and PS4.


There’s something about grappling hooks in games that I just can’t get enough of. There’s this wonderment to flying through the air on a cable that is just so damn cool. Suffice to say I have been keeping a close eye on this next title for quite some time because it mixes 2 of my favorite things. 2D and grappling hook action. This is Flinthook. This fast paced roguelike platformer stands out in a crowd full of side scrollers with its unique traversal and wonderfully crafted art style. The pixel art is extremely well done and everything in this game is just so full of character and it has one of the best color pallets I’ve seen in a while. Of course you won;t just be hooking your way around the a beautiful level as it is also full of baddies to blast with your Blasma pistol. Flinthook will also be a different experience on every run as each space ship is randomly assembled from hand crafted rooms with various modifiers and randomized treasures. Collect rare relics and perk cards to build up your loot and gain access to the black market for permanent upgrades. And don’t forget about the huge bounty’s for boss battles! Flinthook is looking like one of the best Indie’s of the year, but we will have to wait a little longer before we get to the hookshot antics when it releases on April 18th for Steam, PS4, and Xbox 1.

Phantom Trigger

Here’s a ghostly game with a ghostly name that really came out of nowhere. This little gem popped into my inbox the other day and I just had to add it to the list. Being a huge fan of Hyper Light Drifter, Phantom Trigger looks ready and willing to scratch that itch for more retro top down slashing action. the neon inspired visuals mixed with insane slasher style gameplay makes for one gorgeous looking prototype. Phantom Trigger promises to have a deep combat system with a load of combos and weapons to unlock and upgrade. It will also have a story driven plot to keep you rolling through the roguelike style dungeons and will finish out with multiple endings. Unfortunately there is no release date in sight for this one yet, but you can find out more info here and sign up to try the alpha right here.

If you have any indie topics you’d like to see covered or if you know of an indie game that deserves a shout out, please contact me and we’ll try our best to feature it.

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