Episode 24: Gamestop’s Blockbuster Strategy & Having Opinions on the Internet

This Week on Digital Fiasco:
Jim Sterling gets attacked for liking a game, Horizon players have thanksgiving early, Gamestop adopts a Blockbuster strategy, When fans attack: The rise and fall of YouTube celebrities. We’ll also talk about the current state of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but first we get to hear what 10 weeks of disappointment sounds like.





Episode 24: Gamestop’s Blockbuster Strategy & Having Opinions on the Internet

  • (2:04) Jack McBastard is tired enough to play Mass Effect
  • (3:17) Dandr0id plays Ghost Recon Wildlands (and Lumo)
  • (8:47) Jack McBastard plays No Man’s Sky (and insults the Gek)
  • (15:27) Discs, Downloads and DLC (featuring Mass Effect Andromeda)
  • (23:38) Switch Disappointments: Week 9
  • (25:16) Disappointment 1: GDC Survey of Switch Developers
  • (30:01) Disappointment 2: Nintendo locks down cloud storage
  • (32:39) Brightside 1: Superdata reports on Switch sales
  • (35:14) Brightside 2: Nintendo’s efficient certification process (good news / bad news)
  • (37:21) Jim Sterling gives Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 7/10
  • (52:57) Horizon: Zero Dawn facts and figures
  • (58:24) PlayStation Now to add PlayStation 4 games
  • (1:02:09) GameStop’s Blockbuster strategy
  • (1:14:34) Private versus Public Opinions
  • (1:51:14) The Options Menu: Everyone’s Played This Game But Me
  • (1:51:33) Dandr0id hasn’t played Metal Gear Solid V
  • (2:03:20) Neither one of us has played Journey
  • (2:05:40) Jack McBastard hasn’t played Shovel Knight
  • (2:12:58) Indie Shoutout: Where Is My Hammer (itch.io)
  • (2:14:37) Outtro

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