Episode 25: Pachter Attacks the Xbox Game Pass

This week on Digital Fiasco: Assassin’s Creed takes a leap of faith to television, Playtronic to JonTron: “Not You…ka-laylee”, Starcraft evolves to 4K, Pachter attacks the Xbox Game Pass. We’ll also talk about Gamestop’s disappointing 4th quarter and what it means for gamers, but first we’re going to talk about what the hell a “Manufacturing Variation” means.





Episode 25: Pachter Attacks the Xbox Game Pass

  • (2:09) Dandr0id talks cosplay and plays Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  • (5:21) Jack McBastard plays Mass Effect: Andromeda (Spoiler free)
  • (35:09) Discs, Downloads and DLC
  • (43:26) Switch Disappointment: Week 10
  • (45:24) Disappointment 1: Breath of the Wild on emulators
  • (47:49) Disappointment 2: “Manufacturing Variation”
  • (53:15) Dandr0id sums up his issues with the Assassin’s Creed movie
  • (57:58) Ubisoft’s plans for new adaptations of Assassin’s Creed
  • (1:07:09) Assassin’s Creed Empire debunked?
  • (1:08:40) Andrzej Sapkowski kicks himself
  • (1:13:14) Playtronic backs away from JonTron
  • (1:15:19) WE REQUIRE MORE VESPINE GAS (Now in HD!)
  • (1:19:46) Michael Pachter misses the point on the Xbox Game Pass
  • (1:32:01) Gamestop Q4/FY 2016 results fail to meet forecast
  • (1:41:41) The Options Menu – Hidden Gems
  • (1:42:24) Hidden Gems – Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
  • (1:50:10) Hidden Gems – The Saboteur

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