Indie Loop – All Walls Must Fall

It’s amazing how a bit of style and substance can absolutely change how a game genre looks and feels. And All Walls Must Fall appears to be a prime example of that. In this tech noir tactic combat game, it is the year 2089 and the cold war never ended. Each side has manipulated technology to counter each other’s advances only to come to a time of crisis. End the war, or face total annihilation by a nuclear hand.

The monotone polygonal design mixed with the hand drawn characters give it a unique and almost interactive board game aesthetic. The game utilizes a real time action system that only pauses when the player is making decisions. Once the player has acted the action resumes until another turn is to be taken. Player’s agents will also have access to some time manipulation abilities such as seeing possible future actions and the ability to rewind past mistakes. The developer describes it as XCom meets Braid.

As far as funding goes, we are in good hands because they have already had previous funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and well known devs Epic Games. They have also already smashed their goal on Kickstarter and still have 20 days to go so it’ll all be in the stretch goals from here on out. If you’d like to know more or back them right now, you can find them on their Kickstarter right here.

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