Episode 26: The Effectiveness of Exclusive Content

This week on Digital Fiasco: Hidden secrets in 8-Bit Bayonetta, Yusuf Medhi states the obvious, Final Fantasy XV gets political, Call of Duty goes back to its roots. We’ll also talk about Destiny 2 and the effectiveness of exclusive content, but first we get the final word on Mass Effect Andromeda.







Episode 26: The Effectiveness of Exclusive Content

  • (3:31) Dandr0id plays Moon Hunters
  • (4:37) Dandr0id finishes Lumo
  • (11:03) Jack McBastard finshes Mass Effect: Andromeda, and talks about plot with consequences.
  • (28:54) Mass Effect: Andromeda animation rumors and Bioware statement
  • (31:48) Discs, Downloads and DLC
  • (45:35) Switch Disappointments
  • (46:18) “8-Bit Bayonetta” conceals some secrets
  • (50:48) You’re fired. No, April Fools is tomorrow. You’re really fired.
  • (51:55) Yusuf Medhi states the obvious about the Xbox One
  • (57:14) Final Fantasy XV fixes Chapter 13 by… avoiding it?
  • (1:01:03) Call of Duty goes back to WWII?
  • (1:06:34) Star Wars Battlefront II is in production already?!
  • (1:09:30) Destiny 2 reveal
  • (1:12:47) Destiny 2 DLC details
  • (1:16:18) Destiny 2 exclusive content for PlayStation 4
  • (1:18:38) The effectiveness of exclusive content and irritating gamers
  • (1:32:29) Kicking dirt on Mad Catz’s grave
  • (1:33:40) The Options Menu – Near Misses and Second Chances
  • (1:35:13) Near Misses and Second Chances – Twisted Metal
  • (1:38:52) Off topic: Mishearing dialogue in Rogue Trip
  • (1:48:51) Near Misses and Second Chances – The Order: 1886
  • (2:02:44) Indie Shoutouts are now Indie Loop

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