Indie Loop – Mother Gunship


Are you ready for the most epic of bullet hell FPS in space? Then look no further than Mother Gunship. A new take on the classic FPS genre, Mother Gunship looks to test player’s skills and reflexes with some of the most insane shooter sequences ever seen in a game.



But of course it wouldn’t be very fair if the players couldn’t defend themselves in style, so the developers have given then power to the players in the form of weapon customization. Do you want a 12 barreled rocket launcher to crush your enemies on the next mission? Then go ahead and build one because the weapon customization and combinations are almost endless.



The best part is every play through is different and unique thanks to the randomly generated ships and giant assortment of bullet spewing baddies just waiting to destroy your face. There’s no release date yet, but it is being teased that we’ll be seeing it soon, and until then you can sign up for their news letter and find more info at their website right here.


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