Episode 28: Reading Between the Lines With Phil Spencer

The Digital Fiasco Podcast - Episode 28: Reading Between the Lines with Phil SpencerThis week on Digital Fiasco: G2A Goes Full Trump, Peter Molyneux runs out of bullshit, Nintendo kills everything you love, EA gives us the Battlefront we’ve always wanted. We’ll also talk about Phil Spencer’s master plan for Xbox, but first we’ll talk about Microsoft’s new refund policy. All of that and more on this episode of Digital Fiasco





Episode 28: Reading Between the Lines With Phil Spencer

(1:46) Dandr0id is still building costumes
(3:17) Dandr0id plays Rain World
(12:41) Dandr0id plays Stories: The Path of Destinies
(18:45) Jack McBastard plays Cosmic Star Heroine
(22:57) Jack McBastard plays Mafia III
(27:22) Discs, Downloads, and DLC Highlights
(33:43) G2A takes a page out of the Trump playbook
(41:04) Who knew the Kinect was a disaster? Peter Molyneux.
(45:23) Everyone wants a NES Classic? Better cancel it.
(51:01) Crash Bandicoot is a PS4 Exclusive. Mostly.
(53:25) Star Wars Celebration and The Last Jedi trailer
(58:22) Star Wars Battlefront II
(1:06:57) Deep Down is still a thing
(1:08:11) NVIDIA is coming (or maybe just breathing heavily)
(1:08:46) Dead Island 2 refuses to die
(1:10:01) The first Nier is being reprinted
(1:12:30) Microsoft’s new digital refund service
(1:22:15) Reading between the lines with Phil Spencer
(1:46:17) The Options Menu: Steal This Idea
(1:47:56) Steal This Idea: Carsanity
(1:56:29) Steal This Idea: F-Zero the RPG




  • The Surge gameplay trailer


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