Episode 30: Atlus vs Streamers Redux

This week on The Digital Fiasco Podcast: Can Call of Duty handle the holocaust maturely?, Prop Hunt Returns for one weekend only?, Sony has its best earnings in 20 years, Chris Roberts sells you snake oil, but only as DLC. We’ll also talk about what Bethesda has in store for E3, but first we take another look at Atlus’s draconian streaming restrictions.






Episode 30: Atlus vs Streamers Redux

(1:30) AlbeL_88 plays Persona 5
(15:45) AlbeL_88 plays Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(22:58) Jack McBastard plays Mafia III
(28:48) Jack McBastard watches Assassination Classroom
(37:31) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(42:59) Call of Duty: WWII takes on the horrors of war
(54:48) Prop Hunt 2: The Reproppening
(56:44) PlayStation 4 has sold 60 million consoles
(1:02:48) Star Citizen STILL needs your money
(1:09:21) Elite Dangerous getting a physical release
(1:10:21) E3 Hype and speculation
(1:12:23) Waiting for rides to open at Bethesdaland
(1:14:51) Vanquish on PC? [REDACTED]
(1:21:34) Atlus pushes the Persona 5 limit #sorrynotsorry
(1:34:26) The Options Menu: Hidden Gems
(1:34:59) Hidden Gems: Nightshade
(1:44:15) Hidden Gems: Wolfenstein (2009)
(1:53:19) Outtro

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