Episode 32: The Anatomy of a Scary Game

The Digital Fiasco Podcast Episode 32 - The Anatomy of Scary GamesThis week on Digital Fiasco: EA has full confidence in Bioware (wink), Phil Spencer steals Home, The sun sets on Bright Falls, Square Enix puts a hit on IO interactive. We’ll also talk about the mechanics behind a Scary game, and our love/hate relationship with them, but first we’ll talk about this week’s E3 Rumor Round up.






Episode 32: The Anatomy of a Scary Game

(0:23) There’s always time for joke intros and Mother’s Day
(2:14) Dandr0id plays Metro Last Light
(4:47) Jack McBastard plays Shock Tactics
(8:28) Jack McBastard plays Prey
(15:33) Doing Stuff is Fun! – debrief on Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
(20:13) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(26:38) Anti-releases
(31:37) E3 Rumor Roundup
(33:05) Rumor #1: Assassin’s Creed Origins
(38:04) Rumor #2: Batman: Arkham Insurgency
(41:33) Rumor #3: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
(44:51) Rumor #4: Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation VR support
(47:24) Rumor #5: Halo 6 will not be at E3
(47:48) Rumor #6: Halo 5 DLC? Halo spin-off? Scorpio strategy for Halo
(50:50) Rumor #7: Why is everyone thinking about Far Cry 5 instead of Ubisoft’s other Wild West franchise
(1:03:30) Phil Spencer steals Home (IT’S A PUN!)
(1:08:48) Beam as a streaming service on the Xbox Live platform
(1:12:19) Alan Wake leaving Steam and other services May 15th, 2017 (potentially forever)
(1:14:17) Google actually hires Job Simulator developers
(1:15:48) Square-Enix wants to sell IO Interactive and Hitman may come with them
(1:19:51) The Options Menu – Checkpoint: The Anatomy of a Scary Game

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