Episode 34: Far Cry 5 – A New Revolution

This week Dandr0id and Jack McBastard broadcast live from the Digital Fiasco booth at FanQuest 2017, discussing Far Cry 5 and the timeliness of its themes of political tension and religious fanaticism. Can a Far Cry game set in America actually work? (Recorded May 28th, 2017).







Episode 34: Far Cry 5 – A New Revolution

(0:37) Live from FanQuest 2017
(2:58) Dandr0id finishes Metro Last Light Redux
(4:45) Dandr0id sifts through Big Jack’s McBacklog (and random trophy discussion)
(8:04) Jack McBastard works on Prey platinum trophy
(12:38) Jack McBastard laments Star Trek Bridge Crew’s release on the same day as Mafia III: Stones Unturned DLC
(13:43) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights
(21:04) News Noises
(21:39) Rockstar Games has all the damn money
(26:00) Square-Enix’s sales forecasts are all over the place
(30:18) Xbox Games Pass goes live June 1st
(32:35) Andrzej Sapkowski sold game rights to The Witcher incredibly short. As in Danny DeVito short.
(37:25) Castlevania on Netflix (Update)
(40:08) Tom Holland prompts a reimagining of the Uncharted movie script
(42:47) Feeling the E3 Hype
(43:22) No BG&E2 at E3
(44:40) Destiny 2 PC release delay, peer-to-peer multiplayer servers, and the cloud
(49:12) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided still under development?
(51:16) Sam Witwer becomes more awesome (and teases Days Gone)
(54:53) Far Cry 5: A new American revolution
(1:14:07) The Options Menu: Hidden Gems
(1:40:40) Hidden Gems: MDK
(1:19:51) Hidden Gems: Prototype
(1:31:08) Outtro

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