Episode 35: Far Cry 5 Backlash – The Limits of Satire

This week on Digital Fiasco: The Final Fantasy Remake changes hands, Nintendo Switch goes online and Take-Two goes to space, Riot Games is building a legacy. We’ll also talk about the impact of DRM on customer experience, but first we’ll talk about the Far Cry 5 petition and decide what kind of bullshit it is.







Episode 35: Far Cry 5 Backlash – The Limits of Satire

(1:19) Dandr0id Plays Horizon
(18:35) Jack McBastard Platinums Prey
(19:27) Jack McBastard plays Star Trek Bridge Crew
(35:06) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights
(42:49) Digital Fiasco E3 Stream Schedule
(46:33) Comparative E3 booth sizes
(50:14) El Presidente returns
(50:55) Need For Speed: Payback (Needs more Vin Diesel)
(53:30) People Can Fly partners with Square-Enix on…?
(54:52) Deck Nine Games working on Life is Strange prequel?
(55:54) Premature rumors about the PlayStation 5
(57:08) PlayStation 5 ditches APU for discrete GPU?
(1:00:32) Final Fantasy VII development changes hands
(1:04:09) Nintendo Switch Online: One step forward, one step back, one step weird
(1:12:45) Take-Two goes to space
(1:17:56) Steam Direct updates
(1:23:00) Riot Games is building a legacy
(1:29:44) Far Cry 5 petition: It’s bullshit, but of what kind?
(1:39:09) RiME, DRM, and customer experience
(1:49:34) The Options Menu: Steal This Idea
(1:51:34) Steal This Idea: Fist Fest
(1:58:52) Steal This Idea: Starflight VR
(2:08:24) Outtro

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