Episode 36: You Had Resolution Problems & I Feel Bad For You Son, But I Won’t Spend $500 For an Xbox One

This week on Digital Fiasco: Microsoft talks me out of buying an Xbox One X, Sony conceals its Hidden Agenda, Everyone lies about cross platform play, CD Project Red doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. We’ll also talk about how far you can slag Konami legally without being sued, but first we’ll talk about the real story behind Mass Effect Andromeda.







Episode 36: You Had Resolution Problems and I Feel Bad For You Son, But I Won’t Spend 500 Dollars For an Xbox One

(1:02) Jack McBastard is definitely not hung over
(4:27) Dandr0id plays Horizon
(9:03) Dandr0id plays Drifting Lands
(10:35) Jack McBastard suffers through Haze
(13:58) Jack McBastard recaps Mafia III: Stones Unturned DLC
(14:57) Jack McBastard goes back to No Man’s Sky Permadeath
(24:57) Discs, Downloads and DLC “Highlights”
(28:57) NEWS!
(31:07) Xbox One X presentation postmortem (premortem?)
(42:48) The reality of “True 4K”
(49:20) The Crackdown 3 Reveal
(51:02) Phil Spencer talks about future exclusives
(52:23) Xbox One Game Pass: the light at the end of the tunnel
(55:50) Haven’t I seen all of Sony’s E3 games already?
(58:19) Why weren’t all of these games in the show?
(1:00:46) Games too Supermassive to fit on stage
(1:01:58) Hidden Agenda and Playlink
(1:06:47) Minecraft in 4K still looks blocky
(1:09:01) Everyone wants cross platform play until they don’t
(1:19:24) The Big Four?
(1:23:22) IO Interactive escapes without setting off any alarm
(1:26:50) Cyberpunk hackers try to extort corporation in most ironic run ever
(1:28:21) Jason Schreier and the Mystery of the Outsourced Animations
(1:39:47) Jason Schreier and the Case of the Disappearing Content
(1:42:45) Level 5 and Comcept’s collaboration is disappointing
(1:45:02) Konami vs Kojima: Vengeance from Beyond the Grave
(1:52:08) Nintendo & Take Two: Fan Projects and Trademark Law
(2:02:17) The Options Menu: Near Misses and Second Chances
(2:04:07) Near Misses and Second Chances: Tenchu
(2:12:35) Near Misses and Second Chances: Dropship – United Peace Force
(2:21:01) Outtro

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