Episode 37: Assassin’s Creed Origins is Truly a New Beginning

This week on Digital Fiasco: Xbox One X spin is making me dizzy, Out of context Jim Ryan pisses off indies, Sony’s big plans for Playlink, Nintendo Switch updates are both fantastic and baffling. We’ll also talk about setting sail in Ubisoft’s new game Skull and Bones, but first we’ll talk about all much needed improvements coming to Assassin’s Creed Origins.





Episode 37: Assassin’s Creed Origins is Truly a New Beginning

(0:58) Okay, its possible that Jack McBastard may be a little hung over
(1:56) Dandr0id plays Horizon
(3:58) Dandr0id plays Drifting Lands
(13:53) Jack McBastard continues No Man’s Sky (Permadeath)
(16:21) Jack McBastard plays Minecraft Story Mode
(23:10) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(29:07) Terrible news joke
(29:26) So much Xbox One X spin, it has its own day/night cycle
(58:10) Shawn Layden lays down the law on PlayStation’s hardware strategy
(1:00:27) Jim Ryan coughs up the ball on indies, distracts from Playlink
(1:05:19) @Detroit_PS4 #Trollface
(1:06:44) Nintendo Switch: Two steps forward, one step stupid
(1:09:34) Mario + Rabbids = Get off of my lawn
(1:11:11) Make a wish for AtGames to solve their sound emulation issues
(1:13:14) Nintendo raising Switch game prices?
(1:16:53) Quick hits: Fallout 4 PSVR, Shadow of Mordor saves, Death Stranding
(1:24:55) Assassins Creed Origins: No gripe left unsolved
(1:42:43) Skull and Bones needs more meat on it
(1:46:26) The Options Menu: New Game Plus
(1:47:46) New Game Plus: TMNT: Turtles in Time
(1:54:02) New Game Plus: X-Com: UFO Defense / XCOM: Enemy Unknown
(2:10:48) Outtro

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