Episode 38: The SNES Classic – Weaponized Nostalgia

This week on Digital Fiasco: Return of the Xbox One X Block, Sony and PayPal clash in the UK, Bioware puts Andromeda DLC on Ice, David Cage and the mechanics of choice. We’ll also talk about remakes and remasters: Threat or menace, but first we’ll talk about the SNES Classic and what it means for gamers.






Episode 38: The SNES Classic – Weaponized Nostalgia

(1:23) Now AlbeL_88 is hung over. I think we need to start a support group.
(2:25) AlbeL_88 plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (until he is distracted by a squirrel)
(4:30) AlbeL_88 talks about Hunter x Hunter (for some reason)
(8:54) Jack McBastard plays No Man’s Sky and Minecraft Story Mode
(11:42) Jack McBastard plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(17:18) Jack McBastard complains about the Nintendo Switch design, UI and store
(20:01) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights (Summer Drought Edition)
(28:35) News of the World (A special message for Dandr0id)
(29:23) Xbox One X Block
(39:33) PayPal vs PlayStation
(42:33) Beyond Good And Evil 2 Ship and Crew Mechanics
(49:52) Mass Effect: Andromeda Single Player DLC Cancellation Hoax (ironically)
(55:37) Detroit: Become Human has more plot branches but still respects your time
(1:00:21) Marvel has a lot more unannounced games in the works
(1:04:29) Rockstar stands up for Modders
(1:07:37) Star Citizen totally isn’t in financial trouble (really!)
(1:09:18) Fumito Ueda has a wishlist for the Shadow of the Colossus remake
(1:11:47) Quick Hits: Raphael Colantonio, Notch and Mel Gibson
(1:20:50) Nintendo Switch features that were planned then removed
(1:22:49) Nintendo Switch finally releases the Virtual Console! …Wait, what?
(1:30:08) The Options Menu: Checkpoint on remakes, remasters and weaponized nostalgia
(1:53:52) Outtro



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