Episode 39: Extending the Game – DLC, GaaS and F2P

This week on Digital Fiasco: Fanboys rejoice at Sony’s Anthem gaffe, Microsoft didn’t want Alan Wake 2, SNES Classic hard to find? You don’t say, DayZ creator slams ARK for doubling their price. We’ll also talk about the discovery of Aliens in GTA V, but first we’ll talk about extending your game: Our thoughts about DLC.






Episode 39: Extending the Game – DLC, GaaS and F2P

(1:23) Dandr0id inches through Horizon: Zero Dawn
(3:32) Dandr0id plays Need For Speed (2015)
(11:34) WWYPT Debrief: Risk of Rain
(16:56) Taco roulette fallout
(18:55) Jack McBastard waffles on No Man’s Sky
(19:16) Jack McBastard plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(25:41) Switch Bitching
(31:28) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights
(37:24) News Time Announcement
(37:49) Trailer for EA’s Anthem airs with Xbox One X footage on Sony’s YouTube channel
(41:15) Remedy was ready to do Alan Wake 2 and Microsoft said no thanks.
(47:01) Netflix’s Castlevania anime launched last Friday
(50:21) Adi Shankar is also producing an Assassin’s Creed anime
(52:51) Jack mispronounces Tatsumi Kimishima, and Nintendo avoids the PC
(54:41) The Nintendo PlayStation: What could have been?
(57:20) Rebellion Games begins work on Evil Genius 2
(58:49) Mega City One TV series casting suggestions (Note: Jon Berenthal is only 5’8″)
(1:01:48) Early details on the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man plot
(1:03:42) Your Shadow of Mordor nemesis isn’t done with you
(1:06:26) The Tomorrow Children are soon to be yesterday’s news
(1:10:00) Nintendo and the SNES Classic: Manufactured Scarcity
(1:15:14) DayZ creator slams ARK for doubling its price before launch
(1:22:40) Horizon: Zero Dawn adds Ultra Hard difficulty and New Game+
(1:24:49) GTA V Aliens found!
(1:30:09) The Titan will awaken in August
(1:35:00) The Options Menu: Checkpoint (and Taco Talk)
(1:36:38) Checkpoint: Extending the Game – DLC, Games as a Service and Free to Play
(2:18:49) Outtro, Outtakes and Digital Fiasco’s new studio

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