Comic Sans – SDCC: Fall 2017 TV Show Rundown

Comic Sans - SDCC - Fall 2017 TV Show Rundown

This past weekend was SDCC – San Diego Comic Con, for those not familiar with the acronym. This is the time when all of the big movie trailers are released, as well as teasing what is coming up in the fall season for all of our favorite comic book and sci-fi-type shows. There were many announcements of comic book related shows on the horizon, and a handful of trailers teasing what we can all expect this fall. Today, Comic Sans is bringing a number of them to you and the range from super hero to something quite devilishly fantastic…


The comic-based show that’s been on the air longest in the genre right now is Arrow. Having multiple shows spun off of it, Arrow is the property that brought the superhero genre back to the small screen in recent years (considering Smallville had been off the air for some time before this show premiered). At the end of the last season… Well, the trailer shows it all for us.

The biggest question of the trailer is who survived? It’s worth noting that the show that has spearheaded the Wednesday night lineup for the CW is moving to Thursday so if you’re looking for your fix of Team Arrow make sure you adjust to the pending change!

The Flash

Continuing with the Arrowverse shows is CW’s The Flash. Entering its fourth season, we ended the previous year with Barry Allen becoming a prisoner of the Speed Force, freeing Jay Garrick in the process. But what happens this year?

The new season brings us a big bad that is not a speed-based villain but is The Thinker, played by Neil Sandilands of The 100. But that’s not the best news… No, the best news is that recurring character Gypsy showcases her family tree with her father Breacher appearing, played by none other than Danny Trejo (Machete). Yes, Machete is now in the Arrowverse. The only bad thing about it is that this is network TV so he cannot fully let loose, but you never know how we will reach to the Flash’s Rogues gallery…. And speaking of the Rogues…

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Mick “Heat Wave” Rory and his fellow Legends return for a third season, but time is broken. There are only so many changes to time before it starts to fracture, and as the season finale shows us, fracture it did.

The same cast of misfits return aboard the Waverider, with the CW indicating that some new faces are ready to appear along the way, alongside of some old friends (and foes?)…


Rounding out the CW’s DC-based lineup is Supergirl, focusing upon the last daughter of Krypton. Following her boyfriend (Mon-El – no relation) being shot off into space in order to survive, Kara Zor-El is a little down and trying to deal with the loss.

Having dealt with Rhea, Mon-El’s mother (played by 90s Lois Lane Terri Hatcher), another Lois joins the cast in the form of Erica Durance, the Lois Lane from Smallville, who takes on the role of Alura (Supergirl’s aunt) as the actress to previously hold the role (Laura Benanti) was unable to reprise the role due to other show commitments.


Season 1 of the series I can only describe as Archie-meets-The-OC was surprisingly good, picking up speed as the brief first season went on. The show was picked up for a second season and continues on right where Season 1 left off.

Having the character of Jughead Jones be the narrator of the show is perfect as it gives the audience a consistent reference as to who is relating the story. He again takes the lead in narrating the trailer, and we see all of the familiar faces of Season 1 return.


Although not as prominent at SDCC, iZombie still had a presence as part of the CW lineup. Being part of the Vertigo line of books from DC, the show has been confirmed for a Season 4, but no trailer has yet been released. This is expected to be a mid-season release, so we should expect a trailer and information in the coming months but not just yet.


Speaking of Vertigo, we take the jump from the CW to Fox, who released the trailer for the upcoming 3rd season of Lucifer.

All of the regulars of the first 2 seasons are back, but recent news has told us that another Smallville alumnus, Tom “Clark Kent” Welling, is returning to the front of the cameras in this series!


Continuing with the DC theme, Gotham returns for a 4th season on Fox.

I will be honest, this is a series I could not get into as much as others, but the last few seasons have definitely looked better than its freshman one, so it may be worth giving it another shot!


Marvel then took the stage at Fox with their new X-Men-inspired series, Gifted.

Fox is the only network showcasing both Marvel and DC properties (and has already done Legion on FX), so it will be interesting to see which brand of stories does better for the network.


Switching to ABC, Marvel also released the trailer for the new Inhumans series premiering this fall.

This is an interesting experiment for Marvel as the series premieres on IMAX screens in early September before switching to your home screen at the end of the month.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD has been Marvel’s big TV promotion at SDCC in past years but this year it’s been quiet. The series is not returning until January, and so Marvel has been focused on giving The Inhumans the main focus for their network releases. But, for their non-network releases…

The Defenders

In August, Marvel releases its newest Netflix-distributed series, The Defenders.

Bringing together all of your favorites from the Netflix series to date – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist – this series promises a lot of action (hopefully more than Iron Fist brought). And, with Sigourney Weaver as the lead villain in the series, it definitely promises to be fantastic! (And knowing that a trailer for The Punisher was shown, but apart from a teaser in a fantastic tribute to Stan Lee those of us not in attendance don’t yet get to see it officially… At least we know it’s coming, and rumor has it this Christmas we will see Frank Castle back on our Netflix screens!)

There’s More!

There was definitely more to see from SDCC trailers as we did not  cover anything movie or animation here (Young Justice season 3 – YESSSSS)! We’ll be doing a movie-specific roundup in the near future, focusing on trailers and movie information released, but there were other non-comic-related trailers at SDCC such as Stranger Things Season 2 and scenes from Death Note. There was also buzz around upcoming and current series, such as Preacher (Season 2 is airing now), Runaways (premiering in November), The Tick (Amazon Prime in August), The Walking Dead, Cloak & Dagger, and New Warriors, so there is a lot of comic-related information coming up. And as we leave you, we show you a lead up to the latest CW series coning to the network in the new year: Black Lightning.

It’s a great time to be a comic-character fan across all the mediums!

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