Episode 44: Premium Buttons, HDMI Bumps and Gradients

This week on The Digital Fiasco Podcast, you’ll hear something unsual for us. While we’re talking about video games, as usual, we’re also bearing witness to Jack McBastard suffering through the onset of a migraine and experiencing a bout of transient aphasia. You can hear him struggle to form proper sentences and convey the meaning that for some reason he just can’t get out. Right around the one hour mark is where things start to get unsettling for everyone, particularly Jack. If you or your loved ones suffer from migraines, know that this can be a side effect that may occur. See your doctor to ensure that there aren’t any other neurological symptoms, but it isn’t necessarily something to be alarmed about. However, if such symptoms are accompanied by weakness or numbness on your left side, you may be having a stroke: go to the hospital immediately.

With that out of the way, remember the time that AlbeL_88 said that Peter Jackson directed Aliens? That was hillarious.



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Jack McBastard
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