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It’s hard to believe that on September 25th, Digital Fiasco will be celebrating our first anniversary. From our humble beginnings as a gaming podcast, over the past year we have expanded our scope with news, reviews, articles, previews and video content. We’ve added AlbeL_88 and Kelly Cassidy to the staff to write The Weekly Nerd and Comic Sans features, talking about comics, television and multimedia — just about any flavor of standard nerdery. Thursday nights have become a staple of many of our fans (particularly the ever growing Staves faction), watching truly awful games being inflicted on Dandr0id and Jack McBastard as some kind of unresolved karmic retribution on WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THAT?! Eventually our programming expanded on alternating Thursday nights to watch Discount (the Aggressively Unpaid Intern) and “friends” on Doing Stuff is Fun! playing all kinds of couch co-op (and no-op) games. Response to our content has been amazing, and to show our gratitude to our fans we’ve done our best to up our game.

Digital Fiasco has moved into a standing set in our brand new studio where we will be recording all of our content from an undisclosed location, deep within Area 88. It’s really a thing of beauty, and we can’t wait to show it to you. In fact, if you tune in this Thursday, August 31st for Doing Stuff is Fun! you’ll get a sneak peak of what’s in store, but that’s not all. Digital Fiasco is growing and changing. Not just a new look, but new content as well. To celebrate our first anniversary, we are proud to present to you our plans for the future — Digital Fiasco: Season Two.



Starting Monday, September 4th, The Digital Fiasco Podcast is becoming Digital Fiasco Live. All of the same PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC gaming discussion you’d normally get on Sundays, now with video thanks to the wonders of the internet. Join your hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard to round up all the week’s gaming news and rumors, and provide instant feedback via chat in real time! We’ll answer your questions, we’ll take your comments, and we’ll agree with you that Alpha Protocol is awesome.


Comic Sans (Tuesdays, 8ET / 7CT) NEW!

Starting Tuesday, September 5th, tune in to Digital Fiasco’s newest addition Comic Sans, with hosts AlbeL_88 and Kelly Cassidy. If you like comics, movies or television — essentially anything nerdy and awesome, tune in on Tuesdays to hear these two guys go at it. Sporting an amazing history of multimedia experience, together their collection literally spans over 18,000 comics. I can’t decide if that’s insane or impressive, but dammit, I want to see it on screen.



Doing Stuff is Fun! (Wednesdays, 10ET / 9CT) NEW TIME!

Starting Wednesday, September 6th, Doing Stuff is Fun! moves from every other Thursday to it’s own night! Every Wednesday, join Discount the Aggressively Unpaid Intern and “Friends” to see them take on all kinds of local multiplayer games. Heck, this year I think Discount even wants to get some board games in, so even more opportunity for games to come to blows. Whether the game has the Digital Fiasco team at each other’s throats (default settings) or working together against a common foe (image not found), you can be sure that it will eventually devolve into shouting and finger pointing. That’s kind our thing.



Well that might be a stretch, but they sure as hell aren’t getting any better. Starting September 7th, WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THAT?! takes over Thursday nights, pitting Dandr0id and Jack McBastard against the very worst that video gaming has to offer. An endless cycle of recriminations and madness, they will take turns playing truly atrocious games for your viewing pleasure. Its literally a sadist’s wet dream. Seriously. These games are basically war crimes. I mean, they played Damnation for christ’s sake. And now that WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THAT?! will be on every Thursday night, that means we’ll be bringing you twice as many nights of terrible games. Wait, who the hell thought that was a good idea?

Where can you watch these fine shows you ask? Well, follow the Twitch link at the top of the page, or navigate to:

From all of us at Digital Fiasco, thank you to all of our fans. We truly couldn’t do it without you. I am extremely proud of our Season Two plan, and look forward to continuing to grow to better serve our viewers. I cannot wait to see what the future will hold, and what terrible goddamn games I’ll be forced to choke down for your entertainment.

Let’s Go!

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