Digital Fiasco’s “One Year of Fiasco” Sweepstakes

Digital Fiasco's "One Year of Fiasco" Sweepstakes

Digital Fiasco is about to celebrate its first birthday, and much like a child of the same age, we’re giggling hysterically while spewing out surprises from every orifice! No diaper genie for this bounty however; you’ll want to open this present. To thank you for all your patronage, we are announcing Digital Fiasco’s “One Year of Fiasco” Sweepstakes! Starting Monday September 4th with the launch of Digital Fiasco Season Two, we’ll be giving away prizes all week long for three weeks. Each week contestants will have the chance to win one of five gift cards for the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, or Steam, game codes, or other random prizes. There’s no purchase necessary, and contestants can win multiple prizes, so the sooner you enter, the more chances you’ll have to win!

UPDATE: We’re also giving away some prizes to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, including a copy of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for PS4 on September 21st. See the second contest listing below for details.



Digital Fiasco’s “One Year of Fiasco” Sweepstakes

  1. Log in above using one of the authentication services (Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Steam, Twitch, Twitter or YouTube) so we know you’re a real person.
  2. Follow Digital Fiasco on Twitch.
  3. That’s it! You’re entered, but that’s not all!
  4. You can also increase your chances of winning, by following Digital Fiasco on YouTube or Soundcloud, promoting us to your friends and loved ones, spreading the word about our Season Two content, and more (See the Gleam widget above for details).


As a special thank you to our early supporters, Digital Fiasco will be giving away some prizes that only Subscribers on Twitch will eligible for. We’ll start with a copy of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider for PS4 being drawn this Thursday, Sept 21st. If you’re not already a subscriber, there’s still time! Subscribers at any tier can enter, even the $4.99 tier, and what’s even better is that during the Subtember event, you can get 50% off subscriptions at all tiers, so even that $4.99 tier becomes $2.50!

Digital Fiasco’s “One Year of Fiasco” Subscriber Giveaway

Season Two brings you Digital Fiasco goodness four times a week starting in September, and there’s truly something for everyone (as long as you love games, comics or human suffering). See the link below for our schedule, and a description of our shows. We’ll draw the winners live on the air each week, so tune in to win! Good luck, Fiasconauts!

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