Comic Sans – Episode 1 Recap from September 5, 2017

Comic Sans Episode 1

History was made on September 5, 2017, when Albel_88 and Kelly came together for the first Comic Sans livestream. Only time will tell how important that date truly is* but as Comic Sans is about to embark on Episode 2, we wanted to bring that first fateful episode onto the site!

Join is for our initial comic discussion foray on such topics as the Defenders and Tick TV series, some of our recommendations (including Chew), and just random tangents because, hey, we do that! But, before you look back at the start, watch the newest episode TONIGHT – September 12 2017 – over on our Twitch channel! Chat with us! Ask us questions! Ridicule Kelly** and praise Albel_88! Question why the hell Jack McBastard let these 2 on camera at the same time!

And remember… Albel_88 has a 1 pun limit per episode. We let him slide in the first episode with 2. We, as a collective, MUST hold him accountable!

* Time traveling editor’s note: Nothing too significant.

** Time traveling editor’s 2nd note: Look at the damn camera, Kelly!

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