It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of classic 2D side scrolling shooter games. The biggest one of course being the Megaman series. You cannot deny the amazing impact that the Blue Bomber has had on the shape of shooter games and 2D games as a whole. But we have been seriously lacking in the Megaman department thanks to Capcom not knowing what they really want out of the series. And we have had so few fan games that really scratch that itch… until now. Say Hello to Super Mighty Power Man!

Gamers will get to jump into the action as Corey, the gutsy kid who accidentally finds himself in a dangerous adventure where he must save the galaxy! But players won’t be alone on their journey as they will be joined by a clumsy robot named Robby and of course have super abilities bestowed upon them with “The Power Grasp”. Corey will need to take on many exciting forms that will allow him to jump, swim, shoot, climb, and even grapple his way through deadly environments to defeat the evil General Mok!

If you have any love for the classics like Megaman, Castlevania, Duck Tales, and Even Kirby, this is the game for you. The developers have strived to bring back the nostalgic feel of Nintendo hits while modernizing gameplay to give players the best of both worlds. The game is set to be a tough but fair adventure with creative level design, inventive boss battles, and like all Capcom classic Nes games, a smokin’ soundtrack to battle baddies to.

Super Mighty Power Man is currently raising money on Kickstarter for release on modern consoles and PC, so I highly suggest you go and check it out right now! You can find their Kickstarter page right here.

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