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Comic Sans - SDCC - Fall 2017 TV Show Rundown

Comic Sans – SDCC: Fall 2017 TV Show Rundown

This past weekend was SDCC - San Diego Comic Con, for those not familiar with the acronym. This is the time when all of the big movie trailers are released, as well as teasing what is coming up in the fall season for all of our favorite comic book and sci-fi-type shows. There were many (Read More)
Archie Crossovers

Comic Sans: Strangest Archie Crossovers Ever

Comic book fans love seeing their favourite characters crossover with their other favourite characters, regardless of who owns the publishing rights. Spider-Man vs. Superman? That's happened. Spawn and Batman? That's happened too. Cerebus and Spawn? Yup. That happened in a very early issue of Spawn. This past week, another cross-company crossover was announced and it was (Read More)
DC/Warner Brothers Crossover

Comic Sans: DC/Warner Brothers Crossovers

Over the last  few weeks, DC has released 6 special crossovers featuring crossovers of some of their characters. Crossovers are not uncommon in the comics game, and so finding them happening are just business as usual. But when you crossover characters from different genres and companies? That's worth taking notice. And, unlike another series of (Read More)
Swordquest #0

Comic Sans: Swordquest #0 Review

Comic Sans has been kind of silent the last few weeks, but it had to return this week. I finally got around to reviewing last week's comics that I picked up, and one stood out as being more appropriate to this site than any other that I grabbed. Why, you may ask (but probably aren't)? (Read More)
Comic Sans - Rebirth Evolution Part 1

Comic Sans: DC’s Rebirth – Evolution Part 1

Recently, I wrote about what I consider the actual start of the Rebirth era for DC Comics, and that would begin with "The Button" arc currently running in the pages of both Batman and Flash. My gut continues to tell me that I was right and that this story is going to propel Rebirth to (Read More)
The Start of DC Rebirth

Comic Sans: The Start of DC Rebirth

Wow, what a way to start this off. "What do you mean the START of DC Rebirth?" the DC fans say. "It's been going on for about a year!" Well, TECHNICALLY, yes. You are correct. Almost one year ago (late May 2016), DC launched a one-shot book of DC Universe Rebirth #1 which... Wait, I'm (Read More)
The Road to Secret Empire

Comic Sans: The Road to Secret Empire

Every Marvel comic reader knows that Marvel loves their events. Some are small events that are held within a small subset of titles (such as the Spider-Man event of Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy and the Avengers-related story arc of Standoff). More often than not, their events are larger and more world-impacting, such as Inhumans vs X-Men and Secret Wars, (Read More)
Comic Sans: Quick Reviews - Week of March 15, 2017

Comic Sans: Quick Reviews – Week of March 15, 2017

It's been a busy week. I am just over a week behind in my comic book reading. This weekend was a weekend away relaxing, and so what did I do? I played catch up, of course! But I still did not get to most of the reviews I wanted to this past week and probably (Read More)
Preview Coady and the Creepies #1

Comic Sans: Coming Soon – Coady and the Creepies #1

As every new comic reader knows, Wednesday is new comic book day. This Wednesday, BOOM! Box (an imprint of BOOM! Studios focusing on new and experimental comics) will release the first issue of a new title, Coady and the Creepies. The book is billed as a horror/comedy/drama which means it touches just a little bit of everything. (Read More)
Comic Sans: The Wicked + The Divine #27

Comic Sans: The Wicked + The Divine #27

I feel like kicking off my participation with Digital Fiasco and the newly focused comics section with a bang and focusing on one of the most unique comics out there today: The Wicked + The Divine. For 27 issues (and a special here and here), creators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have been bringing this (Read More)

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