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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of classic 2D side scrolling shooter games. The biggest one of course being the Megaman series. You cannot deny the amazing impact that the Blue Bomber has had on the shape of shooter games and 2D games as a whole. But we have been seriously lacking in (Read More)


Fighting games have always been an interesting genre. We see a lot of variety come from the basic mechanics of 2 characters just beating the crap out of each other. There’s your flashy intense anime based sprite fighters like Guilty Gear and Marvel vs Capcom. We have the awesome over the top 3D battles of (Read More)


Being a fan of RPG dungeon crawlers is easy. There is a so many games of that genre available, it’s ridiculous. Any style, any difficulty you can easily find one that suits you. The same can be said for Shoot em’ ups. These games are typically a dime a dozen and you can find them (Read More)


In a world where witches gain the ability to shape shift in to everyday objects, there’s only one thing they could possibly do with these new found powers. Play the best game of hide and seek the world has ever seen. Check out a new twist on an old classic with Witch It. In Witch (Read More)


Orthodoxia. A dark land ruled by religion and fanaticism. A land where churches outnumber the populace two to one and superstition is around every corner. You now find yourself in the wake of the Age of Corruption with only one chance to survive. As the Penitent One, you will have to strike forward alone with (Read More)
Seasons After Fall Review

Seasons After Fall Review

Truly artistic Beautiful games are few and far between these days. We live in an age where high end video cards and poly count is the typical make or break for a games popularity. Luckily there are those handfuls of Indies that take time to relax and smell the roses when it comes to visuals (Read More)
<em>Shock Tactics</em> Review

Shock Tactics Review

Shock Tactics is a game that wants to be XCOM. A simple statement, but evident the second that you sit down to play the game, and the elephant in the room of any conversation you might have about it. You simply cannot talk about Shock Tactics without talking about XCOM, and unfortunately any comparison between (Read More)
<em>Rain World</em> Review

Rain World Review

Rain World likes to put on an innocent face. I remember seeing early gameplay trailers for this and thinking “oh boy, a sweet looking pixel art platform puzzler". I remember watching it for years as it was being developed and we learned more and more about the game. As it drew closer I got excited (Read More)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Indie Loop Review - Digital Fiasco

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Review

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a return to a classic series that many gamers today have never had the opportunity to experience. Lizardcube has invested a lot of time and love into giving this hidden gem a complete overhaul, making it a must play for new and returning players alike. As a child, I (Read More)
<i>Beat Cop</i> Review

Beat Cop Review

For Detective Jack Kelly, responding to a simple burglary would turn his life upside down. Under investigation for shooting the suspect, evidence missing, and now a Senator calling for his head, somehow he's got to clear his name. That won't be easy, now that he's been busted down to Beat Cop. It's clear when playing (Read More)
Indie Loop – Mother Gunship

Indie Loop – Mother Gunship

Are you ready for the most epic of bullet hell FPS in space? Then look no further than Mother Gunship. A new take on the classic FPS genre, Mother Gunship looks to test player’s skills and reflexes with some of the most insane shooter sequences ever seen in a game. But of course it wouldn’t (Read More)
Indie Loop - <i>All Walls Must Fall</i>

Indie Loop – All Walls Must Fall

It’s amazing how a bit of style and substance can absolutely change how a game genre looks and feels. And All Walls Must Fall appears to be a prime example of that. In this tech noir tactic combat game, it is the year 2089 and the cold war never ended. Each side has manipulated technology to counter (Read More)
Indie Loop – One Life to Live

Indie Loop – One Life to Live

I’m an old school gamer. I enjoy many new triple A titles, but my love for gaming will always lay with the retro.  I know the trials and tribulations of playing classics Nes games where you have three lives and maybe a continue or two to beat a game. These games were built to be (Read More)
Indie Loop – I Heart Pixel Art

Indie Loop – I Heart Pixel Art

Anyone who knows me or listens to the podcast knows that I may be a colossal fan of pixel art. For a gamer like me, it’s the epitome of retro nostalgia. Like soft crackle of a Vinyl record to an audiophile, retro pixel art is my slice of nostalgia. It takes me back to those (Read More)
Indie Loop: For the Love of Indies

Indie Loop: For the Love of Indies

Being an indie fan can be difficult sometimes. There’s the stigma that we’re game snobs and we don’t appreciate anything except indie titles. I know there are some fans out there that really do stay away from the triple A scene and that’s fine; I say to each their own. But most indie fans are (Read More)

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