Being a fan of RPG dungeon crawlers is easy. There is a so many games of that genre available, it’s ridiculous. Any style, any difficulty you can easily find one that suits you. The same can be said for Shoot em’ ups. These games are typically a dime a dozen and you can find them (Read More)
<i>Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator</i> Review

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review

While playing Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, I feel like I can understand what the game is going for. With its strong references to Monty Python as well as the ridiculous situations it sets up, Oh... Sir!! has some clever wit to it. Ultimately, however, the game is fairly shallow and does not stay fun to play over a (Read More)
Seasons After Fall Review

Seasons After Fall Review

Truly artistic Beautiful games are few and far between these days. We live in an age where high end video cards and poly count is the typical make or break for a games popularity. Luckily there are those handfuls of Indies that take time to relax and smell the roses when it comes to visuals (Read More)
<em>Shock Tactics</em> Review

Shock Tactics Review

Shock Tactics is a game that wants to be XCOM. A simple statement, but evident the second that you sit down to play the game, and the elephant in the room of any conversation you might have about it. You simply cannot talk about Shock Tactics without talking about XCOM, and unfortunately any comparison between (Read More)
<em>Rain World</em> Review

Rain World Review

Rain World likes to put on an innocent face. I remember seeing early gameplay trailers for this and thinking “oh boy, a sweet looking pixel art platform puzzler". I remember watching it for years as it was being developed and we learned more and more about the game. As it drew closer I got excited (Read More)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Indie Loop Review - Digital Fiasco

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Review

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a return to a classic series that many gamers today have never had the opportunity to experience. Lizardcube has invested a lot of time and love into giving this hidden gem a complete overhaul, making it a must play for new and returning players alike. As a child, I (Read More)
<i>Beat Cop</i> Review

Beat Cop Review

For Detective Jack Kelly, responding to a simple burglary would turn his life upside down. Under investigation for shooting the suspect, evidence missing, and now a Senator calling for his head, somehow he's got to clear his name. That won't be easy, now that he's been busted down to Beat Cop. It's clear when playing (Read More)
<i>Mass Effect: Andromeda</i>  Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

The Mass Effect trilogy holds a special place in many gamers' hearts, with its rich backstory, character development, and epic scale. Seeking to sidestep the consequences (and the controversy) of the Mass Effect 3 ending, Mass Effect: Andromeda literally uproots the action and moves it to another galaxy, while simultaneously leaning heavily on the player's (Read More)
<i>Horizon: Zero Dawn</i>  Review

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

Many games make the mistake of confusing innovation with improvement, thinking that new concepts automatically equal a better experience. Horizon: Zero Dawn on the other hand shows that you don't have to reinvent the wheel, particularly if you have a really fantastic wheel. Much like the giant mechanical beasts that populate Horizon's landscape, the game (Read More)
<i>The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild</i>  Review in Progress

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review in Progress

A lot has been said about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW), and for good reason. The game takes many conventions of the franchise and recontextualizes them in fascinating ways, Many fans of the series have rightfully compared to the original Legend of Zelda in the way that it allows players explore (Read More)
Episode 17.5: Jack McBastard Plays Star Trek: Ascendancy

Episode 17.5: Jack McBastard Plays Star Trek: Ascendancy

Episode 17 ran significantly longer than we'd expected, so we pulled out the board game portion of this week's episode and present it here as its own track. Listen as Jack McBastard talks about Star Trek: Ascendancy made by Gale Force 9. Ascendancy is a Star Trek themed 4x strategy game which has (surprisingly) measured (Read More)
WATCH_DOGS 2 Review: A Dramatic Improvement (UPDATE)

WATCH_DOGS 2 Review: A Dramatic Improvement (UPDATE)

You are being watched. The Blume Corporation has activated the new version of their Orwellian surveillance program, ctOS 2.o, and everyone's right to privacy is under siege. Dedsec is back to stand in their way however, their hacktivist members waging a secret war against those who would surrender the rights and freedoms of the people (Read More)

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